• Product pricing analysis & Shiny app

    I have recently been introduced to a basic but nice problem that involves pricing a product and transport productions. This is a basic cost and revenue analysis problem that consists of defining and analyzing a delivered price, which includes all production, logistic... Read more
  • Notes on A/B testing modeling and statistical implications

    Websites should often change their designs to catch up and get up to date. A/B testing, or as some call it, split testing is a method that shows your users two (or more) variants of your website within a timeframe and the decision on what variation is most effectiv... Read more
  • Working with Web data in R: API, HTML, JSON, XML

    The World Wide Web (WWW) has fabulously revolutionised the way we access information and led to opening the doors for both the searching and sharing of data. Web data is a certain determinant for business, academia or NGOs, leading the way to have better strategic de... Read more
  • Choropleth map of total housing types by region in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands… a tiny, cozy and rainy country. A person coming to that beautiful place will immediately realize a frequent problem: a place to live, or also known as permanent accommodation. To be honest, this problem appears to most of the people who come to the N... Read more