• The command line cookbook 'some daily solutions'

    This my quick cookbook post helping me remember syntax and solve my everyday software and data science problems. Most of the lines can be written and executed under a minute. Read more
  • Database management with R DBI package

    Databases are everywhere and they have been used for many years in many areas. They are mostly irreplaceable; however, one can always find any quick and dirty alternative. Package DBI is at your service, if you have your data in one of the DBI compliant database (in ... Read more
  • Mastering RStudio IDE... Packages, add-ins and shortcuts

    No alternative seems to beat the RStudio IDE if your work heavily relies on R and its modern ecosystem (yet has still not been convinced hundred percent but close enough). ESS has just been great and unavoidable for over the years; however, for those who just want a ... Read more
  • Product pricing analysis & Shiny app

    I have recently been introduced to a basic but nice problem that involves pricing a product and transport productions. This is a basic cost and revenue analysis problem that consists of defining and analyzing a delivered price, which includes all production, logistic... Read more