• R Aggregate

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  • Practical examples for regular expressions

    Regular Expressions (shortly RegEx, regexp or regex) are powerful that they allow you to take a piece of string inside a string by providing a valid pattern. The code shown in this post are PCRE compatible that is one of the most common regex engines. Some codes may... Read more
  • Database management with R DBI package

    Databases are everywhere and they have been used for many years in many areas. They are mostly irreplaceable; however, one can always find any quick and dirty alternative. Package DBI is at your service, if you have your data in one of the DBI compliant database (in ... Read more
  • Mastering RStudio IDE... Packages, add-ins and shortcuts

    RStudio IDE is the best development environment for the R programming language so far. Not many alternatives seem to beat the RStudio IDE especially if your work heavily relies on R and its modern ecosystem (yet has still not been convinced hundred percent but I am ... Read more